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About me

As an artist, I'm very interested in realism. I love using various media in art. Right now I work mostly with photography. I love color but will not resist what black and white does to a piece of art. I love to look at God's world and what happens during a given period of time. I can appreciate the cliché of a sunset or a beautiful landscape on a calendar just as everyone else, but I have to look closer. I know it's possible to appreciate a dilapidated barn in an overgrown field. Sometimes it's important to stop and watch the ant crawling across the sidewalk or to notice the old Victorian gate at the end of a block that may need a little TLC. Or see the light that shines through someone's wine glass at any given point in time to create a beautiful magenta that can be a masterpiece! And what's better than that? I can create a story behind it as well. After all, not all stories are written with a computer. Photographers can be storytellers as well. Stories can also be written with paint, thread, or in a camera. I'm using my camera right now to write stories. I'm hoping that it will lead to many other artistic ideas for me to experiment with in other media later on. As for now, why don't you just follow me? Get off of the beaten path of your life. Take a glimpse of what is happening in each piece...just for a moment of your time.  

I spent most of my life in Marcellus, NY. I received a BA in Art from SUNY Oswego. Here I have studied under some past and present contemporary artists including: Laurie Smith, Matthew Friday, and Donalee Peden Wesley. Under professor Laurie Smith, I studied photography both in black/white and color. Then I moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 2009. During this time I have picked up and expanded my experience with photography by going digital. I am an active member of the Photo SA meetup group in San Antonio. I have continually competed in several of their monthly and yearly competitions, including the Annual San Antonio Photo Tournament. Which I have received some awards from them. I am also a member of International Christian Photographers ( 

Just drop by my website: Feel free to leave me a message at (Margaret Isensee)

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